Budget and Levy

Replacement Levy Facts
Voters Need to Know

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Without a replacement levy,
nearly $2,000,000 will be cut
from the 2020-22 budgets.

Here's what $2,000,000 in cuts means to your Stevenson-Carson Schools:
  • Fewer school staff - teachers, nurses, counselors, class aides, custodians, secretaries, maintenance staff - means larger class sizes and poorly-maintained facilities.

  • No more extracurricular clubs could mean no art, music, athletics or any other after-school club or activity.

  • Reduced options for Advanced Placement or specialized courses means fewer opportunities for academic advancement.

  • No more up-to-date curriculum or technology means unprepared graduates after high school.

  • No more summer school means no way for students to recover missed credits.

  • No investment in academic growth means greatly impacting any potential for progress for improving student learning in Stevenson-Carson schools.

Even with the changes made to education funding, the state still does not pay what it actually costs to run a school district.

Pie chart breaking down how SCSD budgets funds from the levyDID YOU KNOW?
The ongoing support from Stevenson-Carson’s taxpayers through the educational levy helps fund nearly every aspect of the high-quality educational experience the district’s students receive.

Without levy support, these programs may be cut further or eliminated entirely beginning in January 2021.

* Community Pool 
The Board of Directors has approved up to 1% of levy funds to support the Community Pool under the condition that community partnerships pay for the remaining costs to operate the pool. Should partnerships not be established by December 31, 2020, up to 1% of the 2021 levy funds will be used to close and/or repurpose the pool facility for other school district needs.

This levy is NOT a new tax.

The district is asking voters to replace the existing levy that expires in 2020 with a three-year levy at the same tax rate they are currently paying:

 Year Estimated
Levy Rate*
This Year $2.01 $2,000,000
2021 $2.01 $2,100,000
2022 $2.01 $2,210,000
2023 $2.01 $2,300,000

* Tax rates are per $1,000 of assessed property value. Future tax rates are estimates. 

Tax Exemptions

Disabled persons, veterans with service-connected disabilities, and those 61 years of age or older may be eligible for tax relief. Applications are available at the Skamania County Assessor’s office (509) 427-3720.

What is the "funding gap" and why do school district need levy funding?

What are the challenges facing Stevenson-Carson School District?

What is Superintendent Ingrid Colvard's plan to improve student learning?

How much of the levy will fund the Community Pool?

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