Budget and Levy

How is the school district spending the Levy Dollars?

In August of 2017, the voters approved a three year levy, in the amount of two million dollars per year.  Due to new state legislation (Engrossed Housing Bill 2242), the levy will only collect the voter approved two million during the 2018 year and then will be reduced in 2019. The anticipated change will go from $2.36/$1,000 of assessed value down to $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed value.

The district is spending the levy funds in the ways shared during levy informational meeting during the summer of 2017.  Here are some of the specific areas we were able to fund due to local support:

**Technology for students: new computers, software licenses and other technology updates.

**Next Generations Science Curriculum for elementary students.

**Extracurricular activities for students.

**Field Trips

**New books and resources for our school libraries.

**Supplies and materials needed for teaching and learning are available for staff

and students.

**Schools, buildings and grounds will continue to be maintained.

**Hi-cap and special education students' services were supplemented beyond the state allocation and additional class offerings for students.

Our students deserve the benefits of a high quality education!