Bus Routes

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Welcome to your Transportation Department
 it is not just about driving defensively we want to let you know that we take every aspect of safety seriously and wanted to share with you our disinfecting and cleaning protocols with you.  

We start the night before with an entire spray down (using a Victory sprayer and the Vital Oxide that is used in the classrooms) of the entire bus with an added wipe down of the handrail and entrance area. Then the next morning another wipe down of the entrance door area (in case the mechanic was in the bus after the driver left the night before)

When the driver comes back from the morning route (or in-between routes to get other students, the driver will spray the entire bus down with the sprayer and wipe down the driver area again with disinfectant.  When they return in the afternoon to pick up the students to take them home they will wipe down the driver entrance area again pick up students then return to bus garage and spray down entire bus again and wipe down driver/entrance area again.
All drivers wear masks at all times while at work and they use face shields when they are loading or unloading students and can not keep the recommended 6 foot social distance.