Stevenson-Carson Highly Capable Program



Notice to parents and community members regarding students within the Stevenson-Carson School District: The district’s Highly Capable referral procedures are currently underway for students who are now in grades K-11.  The Highly Capable program serves students in grades K-12. Referrals may be made by teachers, parents, students, or any other interested party.  Referral packets are available at the district office and all schools beginning on Monday, March 11, 2019 and are due by Monday, April 8, 2019 at 4:00 p.m..  This notice is in accordance with WAC 392-170-042 and Chapter 28A.185.

  Aviso a los padres y miembros de la comunidad con respecto a los estudiantes que están dentro del Distrito Escolar de Stevenson-Carson. Los procedimientos de recomendación están en curso para los estudiantes que actualmente están en los grados K-11. El programa Highly Capable (altamente capacitados) sirve a todos los grados desde K hasta 12. Los estudiantes pueden ser seleccionados a través de los maestros, padres de familia, estudiantes o cualquier otra parte interesada. Los paquetes de recomendación están disponibles en la oficina del distrito y en todas las escuelas a partir del lunes,11 de marzo de 2019 y se vence el lunes 8 de abril de 2019 a las 4:00 de la tarde. El presente aviso está en conformidad con WAC 392-170-042 y el Capítulo 28A.185


The Stevenson-Carson School District is dedicated to providing a specialized program, customized to meet the unique and perse academic, social, and emotional needs of our highly-capable population. The Stevenson-Carson Highly Capable Program:

  • advocates for the needs of exceptional children within the classroom
  • provides several options from which the student and family may choose, and
  • serves as a resource for families, educators, and the community

For highly capable students, access to accelerated learning and enhanced instruction is access to a basic education. Therefore, we offer custom, flexible programs for highly capable students in grades three through eight, as well as honors and advanced placement classes at the secondary level. At this time, three main options have been used to provide the greatest educational opportunities to our highly capable population: Pull-out, support and extension of classroom content, and curriculum that is accelerated and/or compacted.