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 Drivers and transportation paras have had several hours of COVID-19 protocol training this year. They will wear gloves and face shields with a three-layer cloth face covering when buckling students in or out of seatbelts and while assisting students.  Face shields and the three-layer face coverings will be worn as students load or unload and cannot keep the 6-foot social distancing requirement. The three-layer face covering will be worn at all times, prior to loading students, during student transport and after student transport. Hand sanitizer will be kept on the bus as long as it is not over 3oz and non-flammable base, for use for drivers and students.

Buses will be cleaned with disinfectant that is used at the schools prior to the start of each route and the end of each route.

Parents are to make sure their student does not have any symptoms of COVID-19 prior to arriving at the bus stop, and that their hands have been washed and that they are wearing their face mask.  Students will be required to wear a face covering at the bus stop and on the bus. As they enter the bus they will immediately go the the back of the bus and sit in an unoccupied seat, and move towards the window, kindergartners will still sit close to the front in keeping the front two seats unoccupied as to keep the  6 foot distance from driver and entry way.

Kids will remain seated at school and disembark one at a time where no children are waiting to disembark in the isle way. The driver will try to keep them separated as much as possible, making sure they unload from the front to the back

If parents come up to the bus they must have face coverings as well, if they have a question for the driver they need to move to the driver’s window and away from the entry door.