Levy FAQs

Click here to download the informational levy mailer
Click here to download the informational levy mailer

Levy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a levy and how is it different from a bond?

This levy is a request by a school district of voters to continue property taxes for a limited number of years to fund district operations costs. Local levies bridge the gap between state funding and what it actually costs to operate schools.

Whereas levies pay for enhanced staffing for special programs and lower class sizes; underfunded and unfunded programs; facility maintenance; and needed supplies, bonds pay for the construction of buildings.

An easy way to remember the difference is the phrase: "Levies are for Learning, Bonds are for Building."

What do levies pay for?

Levies bridge the gap between what Washington State funds school districts and what actual district operations cost. Levies pay for much of what schools need to provide a quality education for students including:

    •Academic Programs and Classroom Supports •All Extracurricular Activities •Athletics •Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses •Certificated / Classified Staff for programs like Special Education, Highly Capable & Multilingual Learners •Counselors •Curriculum Materials and Training •Early Childhood Learning •Paraeducators •Professional Development for Teachers including professional learning days, training, and workshops •Reduced Class Sizes •Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) courses • •Substitute Teachers •Teacher Mentoring

Why is local funding necessary - isn’t the state required to pay for basic education?

Despite changes to school funding made by the legislature, Washington State still does not fully fund school districts.

Local levy dollars bridge the gap between what the state pays and the actual costs of operating our schools. You can learn more about school funding from ESD 112's Seeds of School Funding Website.

You can also watch this video to learn more:

What is the estimated levy rate per $1,000 of assessed property value?

The Board of Directors elected to keep the estimated levy rate unchanged from the expiring levy this EP&O Levy replaces at the end of 2023:

 Year Estimated
Levy Rate*
This Year
$1.88 $2,300,000
2024 $1.83 $2,410,000
2025 $1.78 $2,530,000
2026 $1.68 $2,660,000

* Tax rates are per $1,000 of assessed property value. Future tax rates are estimates.  


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