Admin Changes Ahead...

Admin Changes Ahead
Posted on 01/24/2018
The Stevenson-Carson School District has some changes for next school year that we would like to share with you. The first change is that Mr. Brian Howe, currently the principal at Carson Elementary, is retiring after 23 years of service with the Stevenson-Carson School District. There will be a separate article written later this spring to acknowledge all that he has done for the school district. The list is long and he is worthy of his own recognition article! Although Mr. Howe is retiring, he isn’t leaving. The District will continue to benefit from Mr. Howe’s history and skill set through his continued involvement in facilities, acquiring grants and other “duties as assigned”.

The second change is that Ms. Sarah Marino will be transferring into the principal position at Carson Elementary on July 1, 2018. Ms. Marino has been a principal in our secondary schools, Wind River Middle School and Stevenson High School, for the past five years. Ms. Marino is very excited for this opportunity. She grew up in our district, went away and had many experiences before coming back “home” to stay. She has a Master’s degree in teaching and educational leadership and has spent time writing and presenting curriculum to elementary students. Beyond our school district, Ms. Marino’s experience includes being a lead principal over a Montessori elementary program and supervising a homeschool program. In our district her work with elementary teachers include curriculum work and adoptions in math and English Language Arts, professional development opportunities and walking through elementary classrooms the last two years with Mr. Howe and Mrs. Schreiber. Ms. Marino shared with her staff this morning, “I know this may come as a surprise to many of you. Please know that there is part of me that feels guilty about leaving WRMS/SHS. That said, great things are happening here and will continue to happen. Many of you are taking on leadership roles and are passionate about making WRMS and SHS a better place. I am still committed to this goal as well, but will be working on it from a different capacity, including by helping our elementary students be ready for the transition to secondary.”