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Kevin Loucks the Head Mechanic for Stevenson Carson School district took first place in the Mechanics Competition at the VMCC  held in Shoreline Washington The VMCC is a three day competition at a conference for technicians from all over and consisted of many different knowledge based and hands on experiences.   I would also like to add it was not only many school bus mechanics that were competing but also mechanics from the private sector such as Boeing, Pierce Transit, and C-Tran, just to name a few so Kevin showed great knowledge and skill above the best of the best in the state.  WAY TO GO KEVIN! THANK YOU FOR REPRESENTING STEVENSON CARSON SCHOOL DISTRICT WITH DISTINGUISHING MARKS

Transportation Mission Statement
Children are our #1 priority; we want a safe environment for them and for us at all times. We, as a team, want to work in a balanced environment with suggestions to be taken as consideration with harmony and appreciation. We are learning trust which comes with earning it from one another as well as having fun with each other and our students through the entire year!

By teaching your children the safety rules of riding the school bus, you make each ride safer for all students. You can pick up a copy of the bus rules at one of the schools or call Sandy Karppinen, Director of Transportation at 509-427-5277 and a copy will be sent to you.



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