Is it a Snow Day, Or Not?

It is a Snow Day, or Not?
Posted on 11/15/2019
Snow kisses

As that cool nip hits the air, and the students begin to dream of sleeping in for winter break, the school district can be found preparing for the inclement weather our area is sure to face.  If the 2020 Old Farmer’s Almanac can be trusted, this year may not be much different:
“This snow-verload will include storms pummeling Washington state and points eastward across the northern-tier states into Michigan. For the normally rain-soaked Northwest, this could mean a repeat of last winter’s record-breaking extremes, including the Snowpocalypse that dumped 20.2 inches on Seattle in February.”
If Father Frost decides to pay a visit, district staff can be found, in the wee hours of the morning, testing the road conditions by driving the bus routes and consulting with other agencies. The expertise of the Skamania County road crew, PUD supervisor and Sheriff’s office may be utilized to help make the safest call for our students and community. Because of the vast region the district covers, winter weather conditions can vary drastically in the county, making it difficult for some to understand the decision.
If the district feels that a tow hour late start or school closure is the safest option, an automated phone message will go out to parents and guardians. The local new stations will be alerted, and it will be posted on the district website. In the event of a late start, breakfast and morning preschool will be cancelled for the day, and any scheduled early release will change to a full day release schedule.
The district will continue with its goal of being prepped for weather surprises, keeping safety as the top priority in every decision. If the Gorge turns into a Winter Wonderland, hot cocoa and a day of sledding have been found to be the cure!